Top Questions from Small Business Owners About COVID-19 Legislation

Since the time the COVID-19 pandemic hit Wisconsin, so much has occurred impacting small businesses. As a small business owner myself, I understand how overwhelming the constant changes can be in an already uncertain time. I’m hearing both your frustrations and concerns and that you are looking for simple, clear answers. While I don’t have a crystal ball or a magic wand to predict or fix everything, I am here for you to help answer some of the most common questions I’m being asked:

  • How do the SBA loans work with unemployment?
  • Which of these financial “aid” packages are right for my situation?
  • What can or can’t I do with these loans or benefits?
  • How do I answer THIS question on my form or application?
  • What is my business allowed or not allowed to do under the current or new State orders?

The Law Offices of Lindsey King are here to help

The answers to these questions — and so many more questions you likely have, too — are all very individualized based on your business, AND I’m here to help you interpret what all this means for you. Fill out THIS FORM and my office will be in touch about your FREE 10-minute evaluation. From there, we can determine a plan of action to move forward.


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