Small Business Law Consulting Services

The Law Offices of Lindsey King proudly offers flat fee legal packages for small business owners and entrepreneurs, balancing your unique business law needs, while still being cost-effective and straightforward in pricing. Goodbye mystery fees!

Packages and Pricing

All packages include an initial meeting with Lindsey King to provide clarity on your business and align your legal needs with your goals, in order to determine which package is best for you.

You may also choose a customized package to include a combination of services and products.

Precise pricing on all packages will be determined after a consultation with Lindsey King.

The Start Up: From $300

  • 30- to 60-minute consultation to review business model, plan and goals
  • Entity selection advising
  • Preparation of all entity organizational documents (State of WI only) including Articles of Incorporation and assistance with federal tax ID applications

Up and Running: $600-$2,000

  • 60- to 90-minute consultation to review business operations, plans and goals
  • Preparation of requested individualized documents for your business, including:
    • Client/customer contract/estimate/fee agreement/scope of work
    • Client/customer invoicing template with payment terms
    • Consultation agreement/scope of consultation limitations
    • Vendor/distributor contracts
    • Client/customer/user waiver template
    • Subcontractor or fee sharing business agreement template

Up and Running Plus: $900-$3,000

  • All items from Up and Running, plus:
  • Preparation of requested following documents:
    • Employment contract template, including non-compete/confidentiality clauses
    • Job description
    • Employment policies/company handbook

E-commerce/Web-Based Business Package: $900-$3,000

  • 60- to 90-minute consultation to review business operations, plans and goals
  • Preparation of requested individualized documents including: 
    • Individualized website disclaimers in compliance with all applicable laws
    • Individualized social media disclaimers (for use on all platforms) in compliance with all applicable laws
    • Vendor/customer/user agreement
    • Distribution agreement or review and advising (including negotiation/revision as required and available) of vendor/customer/distributor provided agreement

À La Carte Services

The above services and products are also available at flat rate pricing.

Additional à la carte offerings include Registered Agent Services; Vendor and Licensing Services; Hiring and Termination Communications. Contact us for more information.

Hourly Services

Prefer the traditional hourly rate approach? Our current hourly rate starts at $240/hour.

Additional services include Workplace Training, Litigation Evaluation, Employment Classification Consultation, and more are also available at an hourly rate. Contact us for more information.