Why Small Business Owners Should Say No

March 14, 2022

All right, small business owners, let’s talk about the most difficult word to say. And I am not talking about worcestershire, because that’s the most difficult word to say AND spell. Had to look it up. Also it doesn’t come up much in my business, so I can just avoid saying it. Nope, I am talking about that tiny little word that none of us like to say. I am guessing by now you know what word I mean, and before you stop reading this to avoid thinking about it, I suggest you read on for some really good reasons that small business owners should say no.

I know the instinct is always to say yes to business. I have been guilty of this myself. Business means money coming in, and that’s why we go into business. But sometimes it just isn’t in our best interest to say yes.

Does the new business align with your goals? Taking on business that doesn’t help move in the direction that you want to go can often derail your plans. What you choose to do affects your reputation and builds your experience. Do you want to build experience in something that you ultimately do not want to do? Time to say no.

Along with that, don’t say yes to business that you don’t think that you can do well. You are setting yourself up for failure. Not only that, but chances are you will spend more of your valuable time working on something that isn’t in your wheelhouse. Better to let your potential customer find someone more suited to meet their needs.

Another good reason to say no is to avoid clients that are going to be more trouble than they are worth. Were you or your staff treated poorly at that first meeting? Chances are that is going to continue, and that can have a negative affect on your entire business. Go with your gut.
And now you are probably thinking, “That’s great, Lindsey, but how do I say no? It’s so hard.” I agree. It is incredibly hard. But there are ways to say no that are positive and will keep the people you say it to happy and respectful of you and your business. But that’s another subject. Want to know right away when I post that blog next week? Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter!

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