Working from Home: Setting Yourself Up for Success

February 23, 2022

I know when I left the corporate world of suits and office buildings behind to start my own business, I thought one of the biggest perks would be working from home. What could be better than not dealing with traffic or that coworker who stops by to ask a quick question then hangs out for an hour? Don’t even get me started on uncomfortable (but cute) shoes. It sounds like a dream, leaving all of that behind, but I have learned that working from home definitely has some challenges.

The SBA estimates that about half of all small business owners work out of their homes. That means that there are about 15 million small business owners out there navigating the difficulties that come with that. So how can we set ourselves up for success?

First, set office hours. I know first hand as the person who is at home most of the time how easy it is to forget that work time needs to be work time. Schedule the cable guy outside of your office hours, or adjust your hours accordingly.

Next, and I know how guilty I am of this, avoid all of the distractions that come with being at home. Yes, the kitchen could be a little cleaner and sure there is laundry calling your name, but you need to pretend that you are in an office where you cannot simply go organize your sock drawer at 10am. 

Along with that, and a way to avoid those distractions, is to have a designated office space. It is easier to focus if you are away from all of the things you might feel like are more important. A dedicated space can also help you get into the mindset of work. 

Finally, communicate your schedule to family and friends and ask that they respect your work time. As much as you love her, letting your mom know she can’t simply drop by whenever she wants is important. Difficult, but important. 

Do you have any other ideas that you would like to share on how you set yourself up for success in your home-based business? Would love to hear them! Drop a comment on Facebook or Instagram!

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