Low and No Cost Employee Benefits

August 30, 2021

You can’t go to a news site these days without seeing at least one headline about the difficulty companies are having finding – and keeping – employees. Sometimes small businesses just cannot compete with the big guys who can offer benefits that you simply cannot afford. But studies have shown that there are other things that you might be able to offer that they can’t, many of which also have a positive effect on your business.

Consider offering a flexible schedule. Not only does this allow your employees to work around family schedules and commitments, it also allows them to avoid rush hour. On top of that, it shows your trust in your employees, that they will get the job done when it needs to be regardless of whether they are in the office from 9 to 5.

Along with that, if you can offer it, telecommuting can be another great perk. Once again, it provides flexibility, shows trust, and also helps the environment.

Need to have people in the office? Maybe offer Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Studies have shown that workers who bring their dogs to work are more productive and less stressed. The vast majority of those surveyed said they felt having a pooch friendly office improved morale, work-life balance, and relationships. 

You could also allow casual dress. Like having pups around, casual dress codes have also been shown to improve morale and productivity. 

Another low cost idea is to provide quality coffee and healthy snacks. This has been shown to be one of the most appreciated small perks a company can offer. Which, let’s face it, I totally get because coffee. Or is it the caffeine? 

Want to build positive community relationships while giving your employees a sense of pride in your business? You could offer paid volunteer time, even half a day once a month.
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