Managing Stress as a Small Business Owner: Practical Tips

December 7, 2021

If you missed my last two posts, I talked about little things you can do throughout the day and how focussing on the positives can help you destress. Today I am going to focus more on things you can do while working to help reduce stress.

According to the Small Business Administration, almost 75% of small businesses are sole proprietorships, which means that a large number of us are out here juggling everything by ourselves. So rather than waste any more time clowning around, I am going to get right to it and throw your way some practical ways to reduce stress in the office.

First off, build a solid schedule. Are there things that you need to do every day? Slot those in rather than letting them wait until you have time. Having a routine creates a sense of control, and being in control leads to a sense of accomplishment and confidence in our ability to tackle whatever is thrown at us. 

Along with that comes prioritizing. I know I am guilty of doing the easy things first and letting the more difficult tasks wait. But doesn’t it feel great when you can cross off the challenging things? I know it gives me a sense of accomplishment and relief, and it motivates me to keep moving on the rest of my tasks.

Second, if you are fortunate enough to have help, delegate. What tasks are difficult for you or taking too much of your time? Can you pass those to an assistant? If you don’t have help, can you possibly outsource them? 

Another thing you can do, and I know this is one that I struggle with sometimes, is to avoid multitasking. For a lot of us, doing a few things at once leads to feeling frazzled, and it also comes at the expense of accuracy and speed. 

Finally, choose your tools carefully. Software and other tools are designed to make our lives easier, but so often they add to stress levels. 

Do you have any tips or tricks for helping to implement these ideas? How do you implement these ideas at your business? Let’s be real, I need as much help as the next guy with a lot of this, so please hop over to my Facebook or Instagram and drop some ideas!

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