Managing Stress: Little Things You Can Do Throughout the Day

December 1, 2021

I hope you all had a fun, relaxing, and calorie filled holiday weekend. If you are like me, you come back to the office after all of that time off and feel overwhelmed with how much was waiting for your attention. So much so that it took me until today to get to this!  So while I am late in giving you this to whip up with your turkey day leftovers, I am comin’ atcha with one of my favorite recipes. No, not my grandmother’s secret pie recipe, it’s a recipe for managing stress. The best part is that it’s mostly low in calories and you likely have all of the ingredients already on hand.

First step: manage your thirst and hunger. It’s so easy to say I will stop after I finish this thing, but the fact is that eating will help you finish it more accurately and efficiently. Letting yourself get hangry can compound those feelings of being overwhelmed. So don’t ignore your stomach when it, too, is demanding something of you. 

Next, and I know this seems counterintuitive, but sprinkle in some short breaks throughout the day. Get up, stretch, walk around the office. This can help clear your head and give you some much needed energy. 

Really overwhelmed? Try a dash of physical activity. If you mix the above ingredients together with some exercise, the result might be a daily walk on your lunch hour to grab a sandwich. That is multitasking at its finest, my friends. Bonus points for doing all of this outside where you can grab a cup or two of vitamin D.

The final ingredient, which you can add to taste, is a liberal amount of sleep. No one is at their most effective when they are tired, and being tired leads to mistakes, which adds to stress. So try to add as many Zs as you need as often as possible.

Did I miss an important ingredient? Pop over to Facebook or Instagram and leave a comment with your favorite small ways to manage stress. 

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