New Wisconsin DWD Requirement

November 2, 2020

Hey! We made it to November! If you are doing any level of virtual school, August probably feels like at least a decade ago. Hopefully you are getting it dialed in. Still working on it in our house, but it is getting easier. In my new role as part time teacher, I have an assignment for you guys. Not optional! The Department of Workforce Development says you gotta do it.

As of today, November 2nd, all employers are required to notify workers at the time of separation about the availability of unemployment insurance. You will need to hang a poster where it is readily visible to all employees. If you don’t have a physical workspace or your employees are working remotely, you can provide them the information digitally or by snail mail.  All of the information can be found on the DWD’s website, and they also provide a printable poster as well as digital posters.

The DWD also requests that you put your unemployment business account name and address on the poster. Keep in mind that providing this information does not mean that your employees will meet the eligibility requirements to receive unemployment.

As for the rest of your homework for the week… my municipality and many around me have stepped back in their phased reopening plans, returning to capacity rules and other regulations from the early summer. Now would be a good time to double check what your current local municipality has in place in terms of capacity limits and other business operational rules. Be sure you are in compliance!

If you need help navigating any of that, feel free to reach out to me! I am here to help! I promise not to tack on any extra credit work! As always, keep an eye out for the latest news on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

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