Small Business New Years Resolutions

January 4, 2021

Good bye and good riddance, 2020! What a crazy year! Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely some amazing moments amidst all of the chaos and change. But I am definitely ready to start fresh. I made a few resolutions this week for my business, and I thought I would share some of what I came up with.

1. Learn to delegate. I am so bad at this, despite having an amazing assistant who is ready to do whatever I ask. But I know taking some things off of my plate frees up the time I need to focus on more important things (and for #8!).

2. Set aside time for regular business planning. It’s so easy to just get caught up in the day-to-day that I often forget to look at the big picture. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, I am only setting aside a little time each week to review and look forward.

3. Join a new business organization or marketing group. Professional connections have given me so much already, both professionally and personally. So I am going to try to widen my circle, as much as I can in the Coronaverse, in 2021.

4. Set realistic goals. I think this is one I have always struggled with, I reach for the stars when the moon is more attainable. Gotta get to the moon first!

5. Drop what’s not working and move on. I find myself trying to make ineffective systems work for me, when really I need to just let them go. Among other things. In 2021 I am going to take a hard look at what I need to let go of.

6. Promote my business regularly and consistently. Anyone want to hold me accountable here? You can follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page and see if I posting regularly!

7. Review contracts, policies, and practices to determine if any need to be updated or replaced. I am always telling you guys to do this, but I am bad at doing it for my own business. Remind me, will you!?

8. Put time for myself on my calendar. Work blocks, admin blocks, kids appointments and activity blocks. It is time to build in a couple more Lindsey blocks. Remember that time I posted a blog about how taking time for yourself makes you a better worker? Yeah, I need to listen to myself more.

I think, if I can manage to do all of this, 2021 is going to be amazing. Is there anything on your list that I can help you with? Delegate it me!  Am I missing anything on this list? Shoot me an email!

Thank you all for riding the 2020 COVID Coaster with me. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, successful 2021!

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Copyright © *2022* *Law Offices of Lindsey King*, All rights reserved.*

Copyright © *2022* *Law Offices of Lindsey King*, All rights reserved.*

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