September 8, 2020

In some ways the last few months have felt like a vacation: someone is always telling me that they are bored and I honestly have no idea what day of the week it is. That last part is more because I haven’t left the house in what seems like forever, not because I am totally relaxed on the beach (unfortunately). And that is why I am writing this today, Blursday, Augtember 293rd, to suggest that maybe a vacation is in order. For you and me.

If you are raising an eyebrow, questioning my reasoning, hear me out (no, don’t go back to work yet!). It’s hard for me to step away, too, because there is always something else to do. But the truth is, the vast majority of us will be more productive if we take some time away. One study even found that people who take more than ten days of vacation a year are 30% more likely to get a raise.

Why? Well, probably because working for extended periods of time without a break actually can lead to decreased performance. Time and again studies have shown that vacations result in increased productivity, lower stress levels, better mental health, and greater job satisfaction. People who take vacations have a better outlook and more motivation to achieve goals. They are more focused upon return and are less likely to suffer from burnout.

Obviously right now there is more to consider when planning a vacation, but a quick Google search came up with a lot of ideas for ways to vacation in the time of COVID: road trips versus flying, remote cabins in the woods versus a crowded theme park, wide stretches of beach versus a jam packed resort.

All of those sound amazing to me. In fact, I might start planning a family trip. Even the act of planning has been found to increase happiness!  When I do go, I promise to post a few pics on Facebook and Instagram along with the latest in small business news. Until then, I am here to answer any questions you might have (or if you want to discuss the best remote beaches and umbrella drinks!), so feel free to send me an email or a postcard from wherever the road takes you!

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Copyright © *2022* *Law Offices of Lindsey King*, All rights reserved.*

Copyright © *2022* *Law Offices of Lindsey King*, All rights reserved.*

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