Applications Open for Second Round of We’re All In Grants

October 20, 2020

Remember last week when I told you about additional funding for Wisconsin’s We’re All In grant program? Apologies if you do, but I am a mom, so I am very used to saying things at least twice. At a minimum.  But I will try not to raise my voice, and I definitely will not take away your electronics privileges, because you will need them to apply.

Here’s the scoop. This second phase will award $5000 grants. Businesses with more than $0 but less than $1 million in annual revenue as well as 1 to 50 full-time employees are eligible.  Priority will be given to those who did not receive a grant in the first phase, but those who did receive a Phase 1 grant will be considered with priority given to ethnic minority-owned businesses followed by businesses in industries most affected by the pandemic.

Have more questions? Here are answers to some common ones. If you pull out your 2019 tax returns, it should take you less than five minutes to apply, which you can do here.

Got more questions? I am here to answer! I might even answer without saying because in exasperation. Need to be reminded a few more times? Follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page and I will continue to nag… er… remind you gently to apply before the application window closes.

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Copyright © *2022* *Law Offices of Lindsey King*, All rights reserved.*

Copyright © *2022* *Law Offices of Lindsey King*, All rights reserved.*

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